Rattan Boat Tray Set


Rattan trays are versatile and stylish home accessories, often used for both decorative and functional purposes.

Features of this set-

Natural Aesthetic: Rattan trays add a rustic, natural look to your decor, making them perfect for boho, coastal, or farmhouse styles.

Durability: Rattan is a strong material, making these trays sturdy and long-lasting.

Lightweight: Despite their durability, rattan trays are light and easy to carry around.


Multipurpose in Nature, it can be used as follows-

Serving Tray: Ideal for serving drinks, snacks, or breakfast in bed.

Decorative Display: Perfect for arranging candles, plants, or decorative items on a coffee table or ottoman.

Organizational Tool: Use in the entryway to hold keys, mail, and other essentials, or in the bathroom to organize toiletries.

Outdoor Entertaining: Great for carrying items to and from outdoor spaces, enhancing your patio or garden setup.

Centerpiece Base: Use as a base for creating seasonal centerpieces with flowers, pumpkins, or holiday decorations.


Dimensions- 19*10*3 in

20*10*2.5 in